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You may be wondering “why can’t I like anything on Instagram” and concerned about the fact that Instagram decided to block your actions and won’t let you like posts. Some of you have seen it recently on their accounts and have contacted us for further explanation and to find out how to solve this problem as soon as possible. In this article, we will present you with all the reasons that may be the reason for Instagram not letting you like posts on their platform. We also discuss Instagram limits and explain how to resolve this Instagram likes blocking as quickly as possible.

If you can’t like anything on Instagram, this means that Instagram has blocked you from doing this action, and won’t like any post for a certain period of time. It is the result of a violation of the terms and conditions of use or that you have exceeded Instagram limits. Most of the time this restriction is temporary and is quickly resolved.

Why Can’t I like Anything On Instagram

If you can’t like posts on Instagram this means that Instagram has temporarily restricted your account and won’t let you like any post on Instagram. This restriction is caused by many reasons:

1. You have liked too many accounts too quickly

This is one of the most likely reasons for Instagram not letting you like any post. Some people who are using bots to automate their likes can be detected by Instagram. The latest Instagram algorithm can actually spot a change in usage that is too radical and decide to block the like feature of the account concerned. If you like too many accounts too quickly, Instagram can flag your actions as spam and won’t let you like anything for a certain period of time.

If this action is repeated several times, the account may then risk being banned permanently.

2. You have violated the terms and conditions of Instagram

If Instagram restricts your account from doing certain actions because of a violation of the terms and conditions of the social network, you won’t be able to like anything on Instagram preventing you from interacting with the social network’s posts.

3. You have exceeded Instagram’s LIKES limit

If Instagram won’t let you like any post this means that you may have exceeded Instagram’s likes limit. Instagram has algorithms that prevent a user from liking too many posts in a short period of time. This is a security mechanism designed to protect the social network from malicious bots that may start automatically liking all posts on Instagram which will could result in a slowing of Instagram response time and an overload of its servers. Instagram’s AI continuously evaluates the user’s interactions on the social network and tries to detect suspicious activity from users. Instagram’s users have a daily quota on the likes they can’t put on posts and abusing the like button in a short period of time can flag your account by the IA. This will cause you to be unable to interact with posts and Instagram won’t let you like anything on the social network.

4. You are abusing an automation tool

Most people who perform follow actions too quickly use software or applications. And when Instagram detects this change in usage habits, it decides to limit the actions. Be aware that you are limited to a number of likes per hour.

5. Several people use the same Instagram account

Using the same account for 2 people is quite possible, but if the number of people interacting on your account is more than 2, this may be a reason for Instagram suspecting you as it won’t let you like or share posts. We recommend that you use the same IP address for the use of your Instagram account.

6. Your application encounters a bug

This is another possibility to consider. Your Instagram account records a lot of data and some problems can sometimes be encountered. In this case, your possible actions like liking will be limited until the corrupted data is deleted or repaired.

How long Instagram won’t let me like posts?

Most of the time Instagram won’t let you like anything for a short period of time. This can range from 20 minutes to several days but usually lasts 24 hours.

For new accounts, you can’t like posts for a longer period. If your account is new, restrict the number of likes you perform per hour. this will prevent Instagram from flagging your account as suspicious and restrict you from liking pictures.

Some people may get this error message repeatedly if they ignore Instagram limits. That’s why Instagram has improved its IA algorithm and limited mass actions such as follow, likes, comments, and even viewing stories.

How To Prevent Instagram From Restricting You From Liking Posts

Instagram won’t let you like posts if it suspects abnormal activity on your account. To prevent this from happening you can consider those few tips to assure Instagram that you are a human and that your Instagram account is not used to spam posts.

  1. Have a complete Instagram profile.
  2. Don’t like too many posts quickly.
  3. Don’t use automated tools like bots to perform likes.
  4. Don’t perform like on illegal posts like gore and violent images or nudity.
  5. Don’t share your account with another person.
  6. Use your Instagram account in the most humane way possible

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