Is the international space station visible tonight ?


I like to watch the Moon, Mars, Jupiter as well as the stars at night, on my balcony i sometimes shout out “Is the international space station visible tonight ?” like a wise man. However i’m very bad with a telescope and since I wear glasses it’s even less fun.

Once, quite by chance, I saw the Space Station cross the starry sky at breakneck speed. In the first few seconds, I wondered what it was. It was so bright and it was going so fast. Meteorite, satellite, alien ship (haha) … then the obvious: THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION !

I then found this site which helped me to validate my supposition and which allows to foresee the future passages of the International Space Station. It’s cool and observable with the naked eye (you will see a very bright spot). I advise you to experience it one day.

This summer, I also observed a few satellites passing in the sky. It’s a lot less bright than the ISS, but it’s just as cool to see. There are also applications and sites that let you know the name of the satellites you can see, or anticipate their passage over your heads.

But if you are impatient, I invite you to go to this site “See a satellite tonight” which as its name suggests will give you the time at which you will have to roll your eyes to see a satellite or if the international space sation is visible tonight.

The site is very heavy, so it might cause your computer to row a bit, but it’s worth it.

In a slightly less graphic style, you also have this service which, depending on your geolocation, will help you see the ISS or different satellites pass overhead.

And if you want to go back in time with satellite images see our article Wayback Imagery – Go back in time with satellite images

Good observation to all!

Ps: Tonight it’s cloudy so it will be a bit complicated …

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