The poor’s man VPN


Sorry for the stupid headline, but that’s how the author of sshuttle presents his tool, but if you dont want to spend money on vpn then test this poor’s man vpn.

The concept is simple: Sshuttle allows you to set up your own VPN with a simple SSH access to a third-party server. The tool knows how to pass DNS (DNS tunneling) and no need to be an administrator on the machine, nor to play with VPN protocols or port forwarding. Python will just have to be present on both sides. And on the client side, it will work on Linux and MacOS. No Windows support at this time.

To install it on Ubuntu, do a little

apt-get install sshuttle
To pass all traffic through the remote network, here is the command to use with the -r (for remote) parameter.

sshuttle -r username @ remote host
Then, if you prefer to limit the VPN to subnets rather than all network traffic, you can specify the subnet classes. And you can investigate several one behind the other.

sshuttle -r username @ remote host
And to forward the DNS queries, use the –dns parameter

sshuttle –dns -r username @ remote host
And to run sshuttle in daemon mode, add the -D or –daemon parameter to the command.

To discover here. And the man page is here.

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