How to take background out of a picture


Not everyone is lucky enough to be a graphic designer or know how to use tools like Photoshop or Gimp to take a background out of a picture. Fortunately, there are more and more tools that allow automating tasks that could take tens of minutes or even hours for a novice.

How to take background out of a picture

Knowing how to get rid of the background in a photo to keep only the main element and integrate the latter in other creations can be a challenge. Or remove a disturbing object from the background of a photo. You know, like those wedding pictures in which there’s always a drunk uncle or aunt trying to photobomb it? Or the pretty romantic shot of your city ruined by the big curse word tag on a back wall.

This is where the online tool Trace comes in. Plus it’s free. You just need to create an account (other sites exist but you can only download a low resolution there, I picked you the best).

It will only take a few seconds to upload your photo, remove the background and add another or replace it with a simple colored background (or nothing at all). Level of knowledge required: zero.

If you’re not too scared of men with slightly creepy glasses here is the video presentation of the tool.

Everything is not perfect, for example: it is not possible to move the resulting foreground subject to place it on the new background. Nor to select the different elements to keep.

The idea of ​​StickerMule (the company that developed the tool) is to offer the service to you free of charge, hoping that you will use their services with the result.

The latter allows you to print your creations on stickers, magnets, badges, coasters, bottle labels, or even personalized packaging.

Have fun!

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