What Does “User not found” on Instagram Mean, Are You Blocked?


Sometimes when you click on a profile, you may get the error User not found on instagram but you can see the profile picture. While you may think at first that you have been blocked, it’s not always the case. You may ask “what does User not found on Instagram means” or if you have been blocked on Instagram. There are actually many reasons why Instagram shows this error.

When you try to view someone’s profile on Instagram and get the message “user not found,” it can mean a few different things. The person may have deleted their account, they may have blocked you, they may have changed their username, or their profile may have been disabled. If you think the person has blocked you, there are a few things you can do to try to confirm that. First, try searching for the person’s Instagram username on Google or another search engine.

The “User not found” error message on Instagram means that either:

  1. The user has changed its username
  2. The user temporarily disabled its account
  3. The user deleted account
  4. The account has been banned by Instagram
  5. You mistyped the username
  6. The user has blocked you

Please note that on a PC or laptop you may get the message “Sorry this page isn’t available” instead of “user not found

Why Do I Get “User not found” error on Instagram?

These are the main reasons why you get the “User not found” error but can see the profile pic when you click on an Instagram profile:

1. You Are Blocked by The User

The most common reason why Instagram says “user not found” but can see the profile picture is because you are blocked by the user. You will not be able to see the user’s posts but you can see their profile picture.

Like any other social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc) people can block other users on their account if they don’t like them. This prevents the blocked users from peeking and looking at the account of the user who blocked them. A blocked user can’t message or see the profile of the blocker.

2. User changed its username

The most typical reason that can cause the “User not found” error message on Instagram is when the user changes their username.

The “User not found” error message on Instagram is caused when the user changes its username. If a user changes its username, their old username will no longer be associated with their account. This can cause confusion for other users who may try to search for the user or send them a message, as their account will show up as being nonexistent.

Some people regularly change their usernames for privacy and protection. This prevents stalkers from tracking their Instagram account without being a follower. This is one of the main reasons why we get the “user not found” error on Instagram, so make sure you have the right username in your URL before going any further.

There are a few ways to fix this problem. If you know the new username of the person who you’re trying to find, you can search for them on Instagram’s website. If you don’t know their username, you can try looking for them on other social media platforms or by using a search engine.

3. User temporary disabled its account

Instagram offers a temporary deactivation feature for users who want to take a break from the app. When a user temporarily deactivate its account, their profile will be hidden from other users and they will not be able to post, like, or comment on photos.

When an account is temporary disabled, You will get the “User not found” error on Instagram when checking that account and will not be able to access their Instagram account even if you see the profile picture.

4. User permanently deleted its account

If a user has deleted their Instagram account, you will get a “user not found” error when trying to access their account. This is because their account has been deleted and Instagram no longer has any information about them. Their account will be completely removed from the app and website, and they will no longer be able to log in or view any of their old posts or photos.

This is a very common reason why Instagram may show that a user is not found even if you can see the profile picture.

5. User Banned by Instagram

When a user is banned on Instagram, their profile will show the message “user not found” instead of their profile picture and biography. Thus making it unavailable and not found by other users.

This occurs when an Instagram account has been deleted or when the user has been banned from the app. When an account is banned, it is usually because that user has violated Instagram’s terms of use.

6. Mistyped username (User does not exist)

When attempting to view another user’s profile on Instagram, if the username is mistyped or not found, an error message will pop up that says “User not found.” This is because Instagram uses usernames to identify accounts and without the correct username, the account cannot be located. This can be frustrating for users who are trying to view another person’s profile but mistakenly enter the wrong username.

7. There is a problem with your Internet connection

It often happens that a connection problem prevents the correct loading of the Instagram profile you are viewing, this can cause problems such as the message “User not found”.

When there is a problem with your internet connection, your web browser or application will try to load a cached version of the profile you are viewing, and thus showing a cached profile picture, which can cause confusion. You need to make sure that your internet connection is working properly; for example, you can try to connect with another device or another connection from another carrier.

Make sure that there is no problem with your internet connection by opening another user’s profile to see if you still get the “User not found” error, if this is the case then check your internet connection for network problems.

8. You have been sanctioned by Instagram

If you break the terms of use of Instagram, you can be punished by the moderation of Instagram. This can range from not being able to like or comment on Instagram posts to not being able to view certain Instagram profiles at all.

Spamming or harassing a user can cause your profile to be blocked completely with a permanent ban from Instagram or block you from accessing certain profiles.

If you are harassing or sending inappropriate messages to a user, Instagram can prevent you from seeing the user profile and show a “User not found” error message instead

These are the mains reasons why you see the “User not found” error on Instagram. If you have reviewed all these reasons and want to find out if you are actually blocked by the user, then check the next section.

User not found on Instagram, AM I BLOCKED?

The first thing you may think when you get the user no found error on Instagram but can see their profile picture is that the user has blocked you. This is a natural reaction as this message actually shows when you are blocked. To know whether you are blocked by a user on Instagram or not follow the steps below.

How can you tell if you have been blocked on Instagram:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Open a new Incognito window
  3. Go to Instagram
  4. Create a new profile
  5. Open the user’s profile
  6. If can see the user’s profile, that means that your account is blocked.

If you can access and see the Instagram profile with another account that means that you are blocked by the user on your main account.

The only way to see the profile and posts of an Instagram user that has blocked you is by using another account.

If you open the person’s profile after logging in to your original account, you will see the “user not found” error again. If the person’s profile is private, you’ll have to send an invitation and wait for them to accept you as one of their followers. If the person notices that you have a new account, he might block you again.


The “User not found” message is a very common error message on Instagram and can be caused by many reasons, the best way to check the cause is to log into another account and check the profile again. This will allow you to determine if you are blocked or if the problem is with the other account.
In most cases, the “User not found” message is displayed when the user has changed their username or has blocked you.

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