Instagram Followers Order in 2023: Understanding the Algorithm


Since 2023, Instagram has been utilizing complex AI algorithms to determine the order of followers on the platform. This algorithm considers three key factors: relationship, relevance, and recency. By analyzing user interactions and shared interests, Instagram aims to enhance user experience and help content producers reach their target audience effectively.


In this article, we will delve into how Instagram’s algorithm orders followers and explore the various factors that influence this order. Understanding this process is essential for users and marketers alike, as it provides insights into engagement patterns and helps optimize follower interactions.

Instagram’s Algorithm for Ordering Followers

Instagram’s algorithm employs sophisticated AI technology to organize followers in a specific order. Let’s take a closer look at the three primary factors that influence this order:

1. Relationship

Instagram prioritizes followers with whom you have strong relationships. These are the individuals who actively engage with your content through likes, comments, and other forms of interaction. By placing these followers at the top of your list, Instagram ensures you see posts from those you are most likely to be interested in and connected with.

2. Relevance

The algorithm assesses whether your followers engage with posts or accounts that align with your areas of interest. By analyzing likes, shares, comments, and other interactions, Instagram identifies followers who share similar interests. Consequently, these followers are ranked higher in your follower list, enabling you to stay informed and engaged with topics that matter to you the most.

3. Recency

Instagram’s algorithm also takes into account the recency of your followers. New followers have a higher chance of appearing at the top of your list, as the platform displays the most recent publications. This approach allows you to easily discover and explore new content from followers you may not have interacted with previously.

Factors Influencing the Order of Followers

While Instagram does not disclose all the intricacies of its follower ordering algorithm, our research has uncovered several key factors that significantly impact the order. Let’s explore these factors in detail:

1. Engagement

In 2023, followers who actively engage with your posts, such as liking and commenting, are more likely to be at the top of your follower list. Their higher engagement signals a stronger interest in your content, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. These followers are more likely to continue interacting with your future posts, allowing you to establish a loyal and engaged audience.

2. Shared Interests

Instagram’s AI algorithm can determine the content of images and associate them with specific interests. Consequently, followers who consistently post images in the same areas of interest as you will move up your follower list. By following accounts aligned with your passions, you can stay connected with relevant and compelling content while building relationships with like-minded users.

3. Interactions

The followers you frequently interact with, such as liking or commenting on their posts, are prioritized by the algorithm. This ensures that posts from the accounts you care about the most appear at the top of your feed. While this helps you stay engaged with important accounts, it can also result in missing posts from others with whom you have fewer interactions.

4. Profile Visits

Even if you don’t actively follow a particular user, regularly visiting their profile can impact their position on your follower list. Instagram tracks the frequency of profile visits and adjusts the ranking accordingly. Profiles you visit more often are elevated, ensuring you see the most relevant updates from the accounts you frequently engage with.

5. Profile Stalking

Contrary to popular belief, the order of your followers is not influenced by who visits your profile the most. Instead, the list is based on who you have chosen to follow. This means that even if someone frequently stalks your profile, they will not be favored in the order of your followers.

6. Order of Interest

Instagram prioritizes followers who are most likely to interest you over those who are primarily interested in you. The platform’s algorithm orders your favorite or most likely-to-appreciate followers first, ensuring you see posts that are relevant and engaging. This approach helps you discover content that aligns with your preferences and keeps you engaged on the platform.

Instagram’s Objective: Increased User Engagement

By employing AI algorithms to sort followers, Instagram aims to enhance user engagement on the platform. The algorithm ensures that followers who are most likely to capture your interest and attention appear at the top of your list. This strategic ordering encourages you to spend more time on Instagram, leading to increased exposure to advertisements and, in turn, higher revenue for the platform.

Key Factors Determining the Order of Followers

Three key factors play a vital role in determining the order of followers on Instagram:

1. Relationships

Instagram gives priority to followers with whom you have established strong relationships. The more engaged someone is with your content, the higher they are likely to be placed on your list of followers. This prioritization helps you interact with your most important customers or friends and maintain meaningful connections.

2. Relevance

The algorithm assesses the relevance of your followers’ interactions with similar content or accounts. Followers who engage with posts and accounts related to your areas of interest are more likely to be placed higher on your list. This ensures that you encounter content that resonates with your preferences, allowing you to explore and engage with topics that captivate you.

3. Recency

Instagram’s algorithm considers the recency of your followers. Recent followers have a higher chance of appearing near the top of your list, as the platform emphasizes displaying the latest posts. This prioritization enables you to discover new content and engage with followers who bring fresh perspectives to your feed.

Exploiting the Order of Followers for Marketing

The order of followers on Instagram can be leveraged by marketers to target engaged followers and optimize their marketing strategies. Let’s explore how this can be achieved:

1. Targeting Engaged Followers

Marketers can benefit from the follower order by identifying and targeting the most engaged followers. By focusing on these individuals, who are more likely to be interested in their product or service, marketers can allocate their resources more effectively. This targeted approach ensures a higher return on investment by reaching followers who are actively engaged and receptive to their offerings.

2. Tools for Increasing Follower Count

Various tools, such as Combin, enable Instagram users to rapidly increase their follower count by targeting users with shared interests. These tools facilitate the discovery of potential followers who are more likely to engage with your content. By liking and commenting on their posts in an automated manner, users can build large communities of interested followers and effectively target the most engaged individuals at the top of their follower lists.

3. Tailoring Products to Engaged Followers

Understanding how the follower list is ordered empowers marketers and brands to customize their offerings for the most engaged followers. By analyzing the interests and preferences of these followers, marketers can develop products or services that align with their needs and desires. This personalized approach enhances the likelihood of attracting potential buyers among the engaged follower base.


In conclusion, Instagram’s AI-powered algorithms have transformed the order of followers on the platform. These algorithms prioritize relationships, relevance, and recency to curate a follower list tailored to each user. By favoring followers with whom you have strong interactions, displaying content relevant to your interests, and emphasizing recent followers, Instagram enhances user engagement and encourages longer periods of time spent on the platform.

Understanding the factors influencing the order of followers allows marketers to refine their targeting strategies and effectively reach engaged followers. By capitalizing on tools and techniques that amplify follower counts and tailoring their offerings to the most interested followers, marketers can maximize their impact and drive conversions.

As we delve into the future of Instagram and its ever-evolving algorithms, the platform’s commitment to relevance and engagement will continue to shape the way followers are ordered. Embrace the dynamic nature of Instagram’s follower list and harness its potential to forge meaningful connections, discover captivating content, and drive successful marketing campaigns.


1. Can I manually change the order of my followers on Instagram?

No, the order of followers on Instagram is determined by the platform’s AI algorithms. It takes into account factors such as relationships, relevance, and recency to curate a personalized follower list.

2. How can I increase my follower count on Instagram?

To increase your follower count, you can engage with users who have similar interests, use relevant hashtags, post high-quality content consistently, and leverage Instagram’s advertising features. Additionally, you can explore tools like Combin that help automate and streamline the process of attracting new followers.

3. Does the order of followers affect my reach on Instagram?

The order of followers does not directly impact your reach on Instagram. However, engaging with followers who are actively interested in your content can increase the likelihood of your posts being seen by a larger audience through likes, comments, and shares.

4. Can I control the order of followers for my business account?

No, Instagram’s algorithms determine the order of followers for both personal and business accounts. The platform aims to display the most relevant and engaging content for users, regardless of account type.

5. How often does Instagram update the order of followers?

Instagram’s algorithms continuously analyze user interactions and behaviors to update the order of followers. The platform prioritizes real-time relevance and engagement, ensuring that the follower list reflects the most current relationships and interests.

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