The Order Of Followers On Instagram In 2023 Explained


Since June 2021, Instagram uses IA algorithms to determine the order of followers on Instagram based on three factors: relationship, relevance, and recency. Instagram’s algorithm sorts the followers you are most likely to interact with first, based on your previous interactions and the shared interests with your followers.

Since December 2022, Instagram employs AI algorithms to rank followers according to engagement and behavior among other things. These algorithms are created to assist users in finding the information that they are most likely to find interesting and to assist content producers in reaching the appropriate audience.

Engagement is one of the key elements that Instagram’s AI algorithms consider when ranking followers. This comprises user interactions with platform content, such as likes, comments, shares, and other kinds of engagement. A user’s content is more likely to be seen by others the more engagement it receives.

The followers you most frequently interact with by liking or commenting are sorted first. This means that the accounts that you have interacted with the most will be at the top of your list. This can be helpful for businesses who want to ensure that they are interacting with their most important customers. It can also help individuals to see which of their friends or followers they interact with the most.

In 2021, Instagram stopped ordering followers chronologically in favor of an algorithmic order. Now, when you open Instagram and check your follower list, by default, Instagram will order the list of followers based on people who have had the most interaction with you (the people who like or comment on your posts the most) and the people you are most connected with. Instagram’s algorithms determine which people are most likely to interest you based on your common interests and put them first; for example, if you are passionate about cooking, a follower who regularly posts pictures or comments related to cooking is more likely to appear first on your follower list than someone who posts pictures of kittens.


How Instagram’s Followers Ordering Algorithm Works In 2023

Instagram does not communicate in detail on how its follower ordering algorithms work but we have analyzed many accounts and their followers to determine how they are ordered and we have found several things, first, the order of followers on Instagram is no longer organized alphabetically or chronologically as was previously the case, second, the AI of Instagram is responsible for ordering your list of followers according to several factors that can more or less move a person up or down the follower list. Among the factors taken into account and found in our study, we found these:

1. Someone who likes or comments on your posts is more likely to be at the top of your list of followers.

According to our research, In 2023, people who like or comment on your posts are more likely to be at the top of your list of followers. This is because they are more engaged with your content and are more interested in what you have to say. As a result, these people are more likely to want to see your future posts and you will be more likely to share the same interests with them and follow them back.

2. A person who posts images in the same areas of interest as you will move up your follower’s list. (This is possible due to the IA of Instagram being able to determine the content of an image and even put words to describe its content)

When someone posts images in the same areas of interest as you, they will move up your follower’s list. This is because they share a common interest with you, and by following them, you can keep up with what they’re posting. This will help you stay informed and engaged with the topics that matter to you most. Additionally, this will also help you build relationships with other users who share your interests.

3. The followers you frequent and interact with the most by liking or commenting are sorted first.

The followers you frequent and interact with the most by liking or commenting are sorted first. This means that the accounts that you interact with most will be at the top of your feed. This can be helpful because it ensures that you see the posts from the accounts that you care about most first. It can also be frustrating because it means that you may miss posts from other accounts if you don’t interact with them as much.

4. A follower’s profile that you visit regularly will rise on your list of followers even if you don’t follow that person.

If you visit a follower’s profile regularly, that follower’s profile will rise on your list of followers, even if you don’t actively follow them. This is because the site tracks how often you visit each profile and increases the rank of profiles that you visit more frequently. This helps to ensure that you see the most important updates from the people you follow.

5. A follower who visits or stalks your profile every day will not necessarily be favored in the order of your follower’s list.

The order of a user’s followers list is not based on who visits that user’s profile the most. Instead, the list is ordered based on who the user has chosen to follow themselves. This means that a person who visits your profile often will not be favored in the order of your followers list.

6. Instagram orders your favorite or most likely-to-appreciate followers first over those who like or stalk you. It’s the followers you’re interested in that are ordered first, not the ones that are interested in you.

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, use algorithms to order posts for a user’s feed. The order is based on the likelihood that the user will appreciate the post. This means that the platform will show a user’s favorite or most likely-to-appreciate followers posts before those who like or share the posts. This algorithm is designed to help users see posts that they are most likely to care about, which ultimately keeps them engaged with the platform.

We may use this information to determine a number of things, such as the fact that a person who follows and stalks his ex on Instagram will not climb in the list of his followers if he does not interact directly or indirectly with the person being followed.

Instagram’s Orders Followers So That YOU Spend More Time On Instagram In 2023

We already know that the posts that are displayed on your Instagram feed are sorted in order of interest, this is now also the case for the list of your followers. It seems obvious that Instagram wants you to spend the most time on its site or app, and for this reason, the order of followers on Instagram is generated using IA so that the people who can be the most interesting for you are ordered first so that you spend more time on Instagram.

The more time you spend on Instagram the more ads you see and hence the more money Instagram makes. Sorting interesting followers first keeps you on Instagram for a longer period of time.

Three Key Factors That Determine The Order of Followers On Instagram In 2023

There are three key factors that determine the order of followers on Instagram.


First and foremost, Instagram favors the people with whom you interact the most. These are the people who like or comment on your content. If there is a strong relationship between two accounts, the follower will be at the top of the list of followers.


The algorithm then examines to see if your followers interact with posts or accounts that are similar to yours. It examines interactions such as likes, shares, saves, comments, and so on. If this is the case, these users will have a better chance of moving up the list of followers.


Instagram’s algorithm considers the number of followers who have recently followed you. Indeed, the platform displays the most recent publications, so a new follower (who has a greater chance of proposing new content that you have never seen before) has a higher chance of moving up in the order of your follower’s list, allowing you to easily click on his profile and spend additional time looking at his publications.

The Order of Followers on Instagram Is Exploited by Marketers To Sell More In 2023

Every Instagram account is equipped with two features that are crucial for marketing strategy: following and followers. The order of these followers on the account can be exploited by marketers to target more precisely and sell more. When an account is at the top of the list of followers, this suggests that this person is more likely to be interested in new posts and be a potential buyer.

Marketers are often eager to engage with followers on Instagram but are unsure of the best way to do so. Followers are ordered according to their interest levels on Instagram’s followers list, which can be used by marketers in order to target the most engaged followers that would be most likely interested in their product or service. This ensures that marketers spend more time targeting the right people instead of wasting money or time by targeting less engaged followers.

Brands and marketers are always looking for new techniques and tools that allow them to first increase their follower count by targeting users who have the same interests and then among their follower list, target the followers with the most interest and engagement who are most likely to be potential buyers of a sponsored service or product.


Tools like Combin, allow Instagramers to increase their number of followers more quickly and easily by directly searching for users with the same interests who will be their potential followers. Then attract them by liking and commenting on their posts in an automatized fashion. This is how they can create large communities of interested followers and then target the most engaged people at the top of their follower list

By understanding how their follower list is ordered, a marketer or brand can easily target their potential buyers by offering products that are more likely to be of interest to their most engaged followers.


As we discovered throughout our investigation, AI and significant advances in the field of machine learning in recent years enable Instagram to easily sort followers in order of relevance. AI makes it simple to determine which people are more likely to share content that would be of interest to you and that you might follow. Instagram prefers these types of accounts so that you spend more time on its app.

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