RoboForm – Autofill forms and save time


Roboform makes your life easier by remembering passwords and logging you into websites automatically.

Roboform started out as software used to automatically fill forms, which at the time came in handy. And now it continues to offer that, but has officially morphed into a password manager similar to Lastpass.


Roboform offers complete storage of all that constitutes your personal data. Your identifiers (login / password) of websites or applications of course, address, date of birth, credit card number…etc

Roboform sits in the menu bar of your OS, but is also present in the browser as an extension for Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari and Chrome. This gives access to all of its features with a single click.

It also allows to autofill passwords in Chrome and any other browser as well as filling your informations such as name, address …etc. Roboform allows the generation of passwords, such as what Dashlane allows for example.

Roboform is also able to intercept passwords you enter that it does not yet know to add them to its database, which is super handy to avoid having to type everything in by hand.

As it is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, you can of course access your data and synchronize it between all your devices, via their secure cloud called Roboform Everywhere. Rest assured, if you are in an area without a network, your data is still accessible locally offline.

The application itself offers all the fields you need to enter your data, but you can also add your own and thus customize certain things specific to your business.

Roboform allows you to manage several identities, but also to store your contacts there as well as secure notes (no attachments possible unfortunately).

Obviously, everything you enter into Roboform is indexed in the application and accessible through a small search engine, just to go faster.


Roboform allows you to generate random passwords that can be considered “strong”. They’ve also put their password generator online if you want to play around with it.

Regarding the protection of your data, Roboform uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256 used locally. And the decryption is also done locally only on your computer or smartphone and no key is transmitted or stored on Roboform’s servers.

For those who wish, Roboform is also compatible with multi-factor authentication applications (TOTP). A security center also allows you to assess the strength of your existing passwords, but also to know if the same password is used in different places.


The interesting thing about password managers is being able to share certain credentials securely with a trusted third party. To do this, Roboform offers the sharing of individual items or complete files containing the confidential information of your choice, all this in a completely secure way to precisely prevent sensitive data from ending up in an e-mail or sent by SMS.

The Roboform offer

Roboform is available in business or personal version. The business version allows you to have a company account and manage multiple employees and share passwords between them. In business, it starts at 34.95$ per user per year.

For the personal version, it’s free, but if you want sync between your devices, cloud backup, two-factor authentication, folder sharing, emergency access, web access and technical support , so WHOLESALE, all the cool features, you will have to pay the modest sum of 17.95$ per year. And for the family version, which allows you to take on 5 users at once, count 35.90$ per year.

Import Export

Regarding the import options, you can migrate from any password manager, simply by importing a CSV. And the same for the export, it’s CSV. Not encrypted the CSV, so be careful not to leave it lying around.

Check out RoboForm here.

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