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When using Google you may need multiple Gmail accounts. This is particularly useful if you register on a lot of websites and don’t want to give your “main” Gmail address. We generally change to a different Gmail user account to avoid getting spams on our personal email. But it can be very uncomfortable and annoying to change and switch between Gmail user accounts. In this tutorial, we will see an easy and fast way how to login to different Gmail user account on Android, iPhone, and Windows without logout. We will also see how to remove a Google account from your phone.

To login with a different Gmail user account, First login into your Gmail account. Then click on your profile picture in the upper right corner. After that, click on “Add another account” and login to a different Gmail user account.

Why Would You Use Different Gmail Accounts At The Same Time

By using different Gmail accounts at the same time, you will make sure to have a clean main Gmail mailbox. This is pretty handy when you register on non-trustworthy websites, or a website that you are sure you will never visit again but requires registration to view its content (Like some forums who require registration).

Also, this method can allow you to have multiple family members use the same computer or smartphone with different Gmail user accounts. You don’t have to log out when a family member need to use the computer or phone for 5 minutes and login and type your password again. I personally find it practical especially on Youtube. You will have different recommended videos on each user account as each account can be subscribed to different channels.

Player on Android will also enjoy this trick as it allows you to have multiple accounts on your favorite games. You can switch between Gmail accounts to create or login to another account in your game. And if you are not a gamer but have kids, this allows you to let them play on your phone with a different Gmail user account without logout and without altering your personal Google account.

Having a unique experience on each account is very worthwhile. I personally have an account for professional purposes where I’m subscribed to job-related channels on Youtube and never use it to register on websites not related to work to avoid spam. And another personal Gmail account that i use for social media and some others for trash and everything else. This allows me to completely isolate my different Gmail accounts. I can lend my phone to my little brother to let him play his games or watch his kid’s videos on Youtube without worrying of getting my Gmail spammed with games ads or having my Youtube recommending me videos of Disney !

How To Login To Different Gmail User Account On Windows

Follow the steps below to login to different Gmail User account on Windows:

Go to

First go to and make sure you login to your Gmail user account.

Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner

When logged in, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner

Click on “Add another account”

Click on the button “Add another account” to add another Gmail user account to the logged accounts list.

Login with different Gmail user account

Google will prompt you to login with a different Gmail user account. Just type in a different Gmail user account and password

After you login to different Gmail user accounts. Google will save them so that you wont’t have to enter Gmail login ID and password when you want to change the Gmail account. This makes your life easier as you can simply switch between your Gmail user accounts and change profiles with a simple click.

To switch between Gmail accounts, click on your Gmail profile photo on the top right and click on a different user Gmail account to change your account.

This trick allows you to rapidly switch between accounts and get a different experience on each account. Google shows personalized results and ads for each Gmail user account all based on your search history and the websites you visit. Google personalize the videos recommended on Youtube depending on the logged Gmail account.

How To Login To Different Gmail User Account On Android And iPhone

Follow the steps below to login to different Gmail User account on Android and iPhone:

1. Open Gmail App

Tap on Gmail app on your Android smartphone to open it.

Open Gmail

2. Tap on your Gmail account picture

Click on your Gmail account picture in the upper right corner in front of the search box.

Open Gmail accounts list

3. Tap on “Add another account”

Tap on “Add another account” to login to another Gmail user account.

add gmail android 3
Add another Gmail account

4. Tap on Google to add another Google account.

In the list select “Google” to login to a new Google account. you can also add a different Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo account if you want to.

add gmail android 4
Select Google email

5. Login to a different Gmail user account.

Sign in with a different Gmail user account, enter email and password and tap on next.

add gmail account 4
Login to different Gmail account

Your new Google account has now been added. Tap on your Gmail picture (Or an icon with the first letter of your name if you didn’t set a picture to your Gmail account)

New Gmail account added.

This is a how you login with a different Google’s Gmail account on the same Android phone. you can now switch and change between your Gmail accounts by tapping on the account image and select a different user account.

How To Remove Google Account From Android

You may have added a different Google account to your Android and want now to remove it from your phone.

Follow the steps below to remove Google account from Android

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.

Tap on the Setting app on your phone, it usually has a gear looking like a gear.

2. Scroll down and tap on “Accounts”

In the Setting menu, scroll down until you find “Accounts” and tap on it.

3. Tap on “Google”

Tap on Google to access Google accounts

Tap on Google

4. Tap the Google account you’d like to remove

Tap on the Google account you would like to remove from your phone.

Select Google account to remove

5. Tap on “More”

Tap on More to access the option that will allow you to remove the account. (Please note that this option depends on the phone brand, you may see the button “Remove account” right away)

Tap on more

6. Tap on “Remove account”

Tap on “remove account” to remove the account from your phone.

Tap on remove account

7. Tap on “Remove account” to confirm

Confirm account removal by tapping on “Remove account”. After confirming all the data associated with your Google account will be removed from your phone. This will NOT delete your Gmail account from the internet.

Confirm account removal

Once you have confirmed the account removal, it will be removed from your phone.

Method 2: How To Login With Different Gmail User Account Using Incognito Window

One way to login to a different Gmail account on Windows is by opening a new Incognito Window on Chrome ( or Private tab on Firefox) and login to a different Google account.

Follow the steps below to login to different Gmail user account on Windows

1. Open Chrome and click on the three dots on the top right

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right of Chrome to open the options menu.

add tab gmail
Open new incognito window

2. Click on “New incognito Window”

Open a new incognito window by clicking on “New incognito window” or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N at the same.

New incognito window

3. Go to Google and login with a different Gmail user account.

In the Incognito windows, go to Google and click on the “Sign in” button on the top right and login with a different Gmail user account.

Login with different Gmail account

Once you have logged into another Google user account, you will be able to use two Gmail accounts at the same, one in your regular and normal Chrome, and the second in the Incognito Window. The Incognito Window works in a “sandbox” meaning that the Gmail account you are logged in it will not disconnect or log you out from the first logged account in your normal Chrome.

Using different Gmail user accounts at the same time

The Incognito Window doesn’t save any navigation history or cookies, Thus, if you close the window and reopen a new Incognito Windows you will find out that you are logged out and have to sign in again to the second Gmail account.

In this tutorial, we have see multiple methods on how to login on different Gmail user accounts. If you have found this article useful, please share on Facebook or Twitter. If you have any question please leave a comment below.

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