How To Copy and Paste Multiple Items in Windows Clipboard


Few people know this, but Windows 10 is capable of retaining much more than the last item copied to the clipboard. Microsoft’s operating system includes a history feature that can store multiple items in the Windows 10 clipboard, so you can paste and use them later without having to copy them.

I copy that and then this one. Oh, I need to copy that one too. Okay now, I need the first one. Where’s it been? Ah, hereā€¦
In my work, I use the “Ctrl+c” and “Ctrl+v” commands a lot, i copy and paste things a lot and I have to juggle between my windows to find the data I need. In the long run, this becomes quite cumbersome and repetitive. Why can’t we just copy and paste more than one thing? The tip and clipboard manager below will help you work faster when copying and pasting.

Disabled by default, the Windows clipboard history can also synchronize to all your devices connected to the same Microsoft account, allowing you to find the contents of your clipboard, regardless of the device you are using. Here’s how to activate and use it.

Enable Windows Multiple Clipboard history

  1. Open Windows settings
    Click on the Start menu and then click on the cogwheel to access the Operating System Settings. Then enter the System options.

Scroll through the options in the left column and go to the Clipboard menu.

  1. Activate the Clipboard History.
    In the Clipboard Settings window, enable Windows Clipboard History.
  2. Enable clipboard data synchronization.
    This step is optional, but if you wish, you can enable synchronization of your Clipboard contents on all your devices connected to the same Microsoft account.

Windows offers two options: automatically synchronize the text you are copying to the clipboard or, if you are afraid for your confidential data, manually choose the items to synchronize from the clipboard history.

If the feature is available on Windows, you still have to wait on your cell phone. The feature should be available soon on Android, through the Swiftkey keyboard, the property of Microsoft.

  1. Access the contents of the Clipboard
    To paste an item from the Windows clipboard history, place the input cursor in the application in which you want to paste the item.

Then use the Windows+V keystroke combination to display the clipboard history in the lower right corner of the screen. Simply click on the content you want to paste to make it appear in your application.

The Windows clipboard history not only stores text, but can also save images you copy.

You can use it with any software that supports copy and paste, including of course your usual office software, as well as your web browser.

Ditto, the god of multiple copy paste managers

Ditto is free software and is surely one of the most indispensable tools for your PC. I can assure you that once installed, you will never be able to live without it. It is an extension of the Windows clipboard with an easy to use interface. Ditto allows you to copy images, text, HTML, multimedia files, custom format and find them even after a restart of the PC. In addition to user-defined shortcuts, you have a dozen of built-in keyboard shortcuts.

With Ditto you can copy and paste multiple items (literally infinite) . You can go back and find text or images that you have copied months ago !

Just set a practical shortcut (Ctrl + < for me) and become a copy & paste Ninja !

Custom keystrokes unique to each application can also be created.

Ditto has a powerful search option, just activate Ditto with your shortcut and start typing to find your text. Extremely useful to quickly find your text among all your copies over the hours/days.

Ditto can also be extremely powerful when combined with the Windows Snipping tool. Ditto allows making multiple screen captures without saving the images to use them later.

I can present you with other tools but I don’t think that you will find any other tool that powerful and so simple to use.

Get Ditto here

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