Extensions are coming to Firefox Mobile!


Good news for all Firefox fans! The mobile version for Android will soon fully support extensions! Woohooo!

This information was revealed by Caitlin Neiman, the community manager in charge of Add-ons at Mozilla. Firefox for Android has seen its old engine replaced by GeckoView, which is faster and more customizable.

Thanks to this engine, Firefox mobile dev teams will be able to deliver new features faster, so expect a lot to move in this area. For now, at the extension level, Mozilla limits support to “Recommended Extensions”, meaning those that are supported by Mozilla and widely used by the community.

For the moment, there are the following extensions:

HTTPS Everywhere
uBlock Origin
Dark Reader
Privacy Badger
NoScript Security Suite
Video Background Play Fix
Search By Image
Youtube High Definition
Privacy Possum
Google Search Fixer

But support for this will be extended to all extensions. It is therefore available in Firefox Mobile in the Nightly version that you can download here.

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